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The world's first automatic makeup experience.

We're making Gemma because we love wearing makeup more than we love applying it.


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is like having a professional makeup artist in your home. Open the app, choose a look, and Gemma applies a full face of makeup in three minutes or less. Yep. Really!

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The Design.

Gemma makes a statement in your home on par with fine home decor. It fits beautifully on your vanity or bathroom counter. And you won't even realize it's a robot until you turn it on.

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Delve - BeautAI - Render 2.png

The Safety.

Does it touch your face? Nope. Will it poke your eye out? Never. Our multi-step hardware and software safeguards allow you to sit back and relax while you enjoy a gentle mist so soothing you may fall asleep.

The Application.

Here’s where it gets fun. Gemma is not a one-size fits all experience. It learns your skin tone, facial features, and preferences. It gives you control over how you like your makeup applied according to user-approved previews. Then, it mixes the airbrush formula in real-time and applies your makeup the way you want it.

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The Pods.

You love your current makeup brands and we do, too. That's why we are partnering with the world's most trusted beauty businesses to develop a collection of Gemma-compatible airbrush makeup pods that will make you feel proud of the makeup you're wearing. Pop in the pods and you're set to go.

We are in stealth mode.

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