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Welcome to BeautAI, the beauty technology company behind the world's first automatic makeup application machine, Gemma. Founded in 2022 by CEO Elizabeth Williams and CTO Mira Shalah-Abboud, our mission is to revolutionize the beauty industry and empower women to feel confident and beautiful, effortlessly.


Meet the Founders of BeautAI 

The idea for Gemma was born because Elizabeth and Mira both struggled with the time-consuming and complex process of applying makeup. Elizabeth pursued preliminary market research and IP on the method to automated makeup application. In 2020, while completing her post-doctorate at Stanford University, Mira stumbled upon Elizabeth's pending patent online while researching if anyone else had created an automatic makeup application machine. She reached out to Elizabeth, and the two conducted rigorous interviews, realizing how much their backgrounds, experiences, and personalities complemented each other. They agreed to join forces and bring Gemma to life.


Our Journey So Far



Elizabeth and Mira came together in 2020 with a shared goal: to make beauty more accessible and effortless for women around the world. By 2022, the team had created a fully functioning MVP, officially formed their parent company (Israel) and subsidiary (U.S.A.), and received a $550k non-dilutive grant from the Israel Innovation Authority. With a commitment to bringing their idea to life, Elizabeth and Mira embarked on a journey that will change the face of beauty forever.



Today, BeautAI is making significant strides in the development of Gemma. With a working prototype and proprietary software, we're focused on testing & optimizing the technology and creating a product that will change the way women approach makeup. Our team is growing, and we're constantly seeking out new opportunities to collaborate with experts in the beauty and technology fields. With our first patent granted and an international patent application in progress, we're excited to see what the future holds for BeautAI and Gemma.

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